How to achieve Professional Cloud Security Engineer certification in Google.

Prasanth Kanikicherla
3 min readJan 6, 2022

Want to share my recent experience attaining the “Professional Google Cloud Security Engineer” certification.

There are not so many up to date courses online which could help with this certification, I have learned from the following couple of courses .,


Similar to all GCP certifications, this one too has 50 questions and 2 hours time to complete the exam. 120 mins are sufficient for the questions based on my experience. Utilize labs to the fullest from Coursera if available. Full details of the examination can be found on google @

Let me start with some topics which appeared and were not covered well in the above 2 courses,

  1. DLP and options like, pseudonymization
  2. External key manager ->
  3. Shielded VM, confidential VM
  4. Cloud Identity, GCDS, User migration/authentication with 3rd party
  5. 2FA and 2SV options available

Apart from going through the above courses, my suggestion is to go through the best practices section for each security service in GCP. Many questions end with, “what is the google recommended way to achieve this..”, etc.,

Hybrid networking topics like Cloud VPN, Interconnect, Peering options have appeared in the questions. Please take a look at this chart below from google.

Google’s decision tree posted here ->
Located at

Choosing a load balancer is another section where few questions will pop up. Combine it with Cloud CDN, Cloud Armor etc., More information can be read from here -> Also the decision tree below for you to cover the subject faster. Please…

Prasanth Kanikicherla

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